ENT ScopesHD Laryngoscopes

Olympus rigid HD laryngoscopes offer high image quality as well as convenience for the user and the patient. The innovative design reduces pharyngeal reflex, avoids refocusing during procedures and ensures durability during use and reprocessing. The rigid HD laryngoscope is ready for use whatever your requirements. Olympus rigid HD laryngoscopes offer excellent views of the finest structures of the larynx and vocal cords. The unique HD optical system results in superb contrast and colour reproduction. The laryngoscope incorporates a multitude of convenience features, from the high depth of field allowing you to complete laryngoscopic examinations with no refocusing during the procedure, to the reduced distance between the optics and the distal end, which minimises pharyngeal reflex. The combination of NBI and HDTV with the laryngoscopes provides you with significant advantages in the diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal pathologies because lesions that are simply not visible under white light become clear with NBI. With exceptional durability as well, this is the ideal choice of laryngoscope.