Hand InstrumentHiQ+ Suction and Irrigation Instrument

The HiQ+ suction and irrigation system is designed to provide clog-free suction, ensuring laparoscopic procedures progress smoothly. With a wide range of tubes allowing customisation for different surgeries, ergonomically-designed handles and easy reprocessing, this system ensures excellent performance. The HiQ+ Suction and Irrigation system provides clog-free suction and irrigation for a range of procedures in general surgery, gynaecology and urology. The system is streamlined to allow the passage of blood clots or stones without interrupting suction. The modular system allows a wide range of suction/irrigation tubes to be attached, giving a choice of different diameters, working lengths or tip designs (e.g. for harvesting lost gall bladder stones or aspirating hydrops). Two ergonomically-designed handles are available and the system can be easily reprocessed.