EVIS LUCERA ELITE Video BronchoscopeBF-Q290

The slim and powerful BF-Q290 bronchoscope facilitates routine examinations and treatment in the bronchi with superb high resolution images. The excellent insertion and visualisation capabilities, further enhanced by the unique insertion tube rotation function, fully supports diagnostics in the deeper segments of the bronchial tree. The BF-Q290 slim bronchoscope is ideal for diagnostic bronchoscopy and treatment in the deeper bronchi. The insertion tube measures only 4.9 mm and the distal end is just 4.8 mm, yet it still has a generous 2.0 mm channel. As a standard bronchoscope, the BF-Q290 offers great functionality and exceptional image quality, with high resolution across the 120° field of view and greatly improved NBI capability. The rotatable insertion tube and increased upward angulation improve maneuverability, while features like the waterproof one-touch connector, improve endoscopy suite management.