EVIS LUCERA ELITE Video BronchoscopeBF-H290

The BF-H290 routine bronchoscope provides high definition images of unprecedented quality in white light and NBI mode. This new flagship of Olympus diagnostic bronchoscopes features increased upward angulation, the stunning insertion tube rotation function for precise targeting of EndoTherapy instruments, a 2.0 mm working channel and links with one touch to the video system. The BF-H290 with incorporated HDTV chip provides brilliant visualisation of the bronchial tree, yet its distal end is only 6.0 mm and its insertion tube is a thin 5.7 mm. The 2.0 mm diameter working channel accommodates instruments including lasers, electro-cautery devices and ultrasonic probes. In NBI mode it is now possible to view twice the visible distance due to the improved performance of the system components. Thus NBI now becomes a really effective observation mode for defining changes in the vascular structure of the mucosa. The rotatable insertion tube with greater upward angulation maximises maneuverability, while features like the waterproof one-touch connector improve endoscopy suite management and help to protect your investment.