TelescopeLaparoscopes HD 10mm

Olympus has a full range of telescopes to suit your personal preference and clinical application. These include 5 mm and 10 mm versions with 0°, 30° or 45°direction of views. The 5 mm delivers full screen images and the 10 mm is also available in a long 460 mm version to accommodate larger-sized patients. Additionally, a high-definition 10 mm telescope is available with a significantly improved image quality. Laparoscopes HD 10mm Sufficient and evenly distributed light is essential for laparoscopy in Gynaecological and Urological Minimally Invasive Surgery. The newly designed optical system in the 10 mm HD laparoscope provides sharp image quality and detailed visualisation of small vessels with low contrasts. The new illumination design with larger relay lens diameter, improves light transfer through the lenses, giving you more precise images even at the edges. With clarity of view over the entire monitor, procedures are less fatiguing for colorectal surgery and general surgery operators.