Rigid HysteroscopeOES 4000

This rigid hysteroscope offers a superb combination of patient comfort and image quality, with a 5 Fr working channel to allow the performance of therapeutic hysteroscopy procedures. The 4mm telescope and continuous-flow sheath ensure exceptional image quality, all in a hysteroscope with a diameter of just 6.5mm. This rigid hysteroscope provides the optimum balance of superb image quality and patient comfort for therapeutic hysteroscopy. The powerful 4mm telescope offers brilliant image quality, an ultra-wide field of view via a scratch-proof sapphire glass front window, and perfect flow conditions via the continuous-flow sheath. The excellent optical images can be used to safely and effectively guide the performance of a range of therapeutic procedures via the generous 5 Fr working channel. The hysteroscope is durable, may be autoclaved, and is easy to set up.