Bipolar RFITT applicatorCelon ProBreath

For safe and effective reduction of the hyperplastic nasal concha, with minimal time and resource input, the Celon ENT system with CelonProBreath is the intelligent choice. The minimally invasive procedure takes only minutes and delivers reproducible results, with nasal mucosa protection and very low risk of bleeding. The Celon ENT system produces reproducible and effective results in an outpatient setting, with speed, safety and simplicity. The CelonProBreath bipolar RFITT applicator enables gentle, repeatable treatment of a range of rhinology conditions by creating precise thermo-lesions, which reduce the volume of hyperplastic nasal concha. Procedures take a few minutes and result in low pain and low risk of bleeding, while protecting the ciliated epithelium and mucous membranes, essential for the proper function of the nose. CelonProBreath is the intelligent solution for routine ENT practice.