The TriPort+ is a trocar designed to facilitate single-incision surgery, allowing laparoscopic procedures to be carried out via just one incision. It has three 5 mm and one 10 mm instrument ports, allowing for a standardized four-port technique cholecystectomy to be performed. Scarless surgery is a step closer with the TriPort+, which is part of Olympus' LESS surgery system. This four-port trocar allows laparoscopic procedures to be performed via single-port access (SPA), including single cholecystectomy. The additional 10 mm port allows for optimised retraction of excised tissue. The TriPort+ requires an incision of just 12–25 mm, and if this is made in the umbilicus, the resulting scar is virtually undetectable. The use of LESS laparoscopy single site surgery may reduce post-operative complications and pain, and may improve patient recovery time.